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The Most Advanced Security System Available

Hawk Security offers a better security system that’s more than just alarms. Our GoHawk Security Panel is a more advanced and a more secure system that offers...

  • A great way to keep in touch
  • Complete web control
  • Mobile access and ability to goGreen with an optional feature-rich home automation and energy management solution

  • goGreen with GoHawk
  • The GoHawk Panel
  • Features and Benefits


Hawk goGreen

Hawk Security Texas goGreen with GoHawkHawk’s goGreen is a feature-rich optional add-on home automation and energy management solution built on a proven, interactive platform. It allows you to have complete remote control of the critical systems at your property with any web-enabled computer or mobile device. Now you can easily manage your lights and thermostat settings from anywhere, at any time. With goGreen, you’ll have the ability to easily monitor and adjust your energy consumption, and make smarter energy decisions with ease.

With goGreen you can:

  • Set your home to warm up or cool down automatically as part of your morning routine
  • Create automatic light schedules that can deter intruders and fit your personal lifestyle
  • Get real-time email and text message notifications when a thermostat setting has changed


The GoHawk Panel - Simply More Than Security

  Full Voice Response
The panel gives clear notifications that indicate system status, zone descriptions, alarms and emergencies.
User Friendly LCD Touch Screen
The easy-to-use color touch screen puts a wide range of security and home automation controls at your fingertips.
Multiple Arming Options
Secure your home by arming your system "AWAY" or "STAY". The Quick Arm/Exit and Bypass features offer added convenience.
The fully self contained panel contains a snap-in GSM Radio, a 24 hr. backup battery and allows 8 user codes to monitor up to 48 wireless zones and 2 hardwire zones.

Hawk Security Texas GoHawk Panel

Home Automation
The panel's built in Z-Wave radio enables various home automation functions including HVAC, appliances and lighting control.
Date, Time &
Weather Display

The panel scrolls through date, time, and real-time weather forecasts and severe weather alearts and tornado warnings.*

Quick Access
One touch access allows the quickest help possible in an emergency. The panel's LED buttons indicate the system's status.



Crash and Smash Feature
The GoHawk Panel is tamper-proof. If it is destroyed in any way, our Secure Operations Center is notified and will dispatch the proper authorities.
Over-the-Air Updates
There's no need to worry about your panel's software getting outdated. With our Over-the-Air function, your panel will automatically be updated with the latest software.*
In Home Response Over Cellular
In Home Response is like on-star for your home or business. It lets our operators listen in and talk to you when a signal is received, ensuring that the proper emergency response personnel will be dispatched if necessary.

Specifications subject to change without notice. *Features available with activated GSM and Alarm.com services


Features and Benefits

GoHawk provides you with a multitude of features and benefits, including:

  • Wireless Communication – Even if your phone line is cut, our Secure Operations center will still receive critical alarm signals through satellite communication.
  • 2 Way Communication – Just like On-star, our smart panel has a speaker and a microphone allowing our operators to listen in and hear the intruders in the event of an alarm.  We would then dispatch police, whose priority level is increased because we actually have audio verification that there are intruders inside your location.
  • Remote Management – Allows you to check, from any web-enabled device, system status and history, arm and disarm from anywhere, receive arming reminders, receive notifications if a door is left open for too long.
  • Alarm Notifications – Whenever your alarm is activated, receive a text alert on your cell phone telling you that your alarm was activated and which zone was tripped or if your smoke detectors were activated.  This prevents you or someone you care about from walking in on a dangerous situation.
  • System Notifications – know when your system was armed or disarmed and by which user.  Receive alerts also for power outages and restorals, for low battery and when a zone has been bypassed. Be notified if someone opens a restricted door, such as a safe, a medicine cabinet, a liquor cabinet, or your gun cabinet.  
  • Smart Panel – With over-the–air updates, your security system will receive our latest software upgrades automatically.  You have no need to worry about your software getting outdated.
  • Super Switch – Even if your home already has a full hardwired system, our super switch allows our full wireless system to communicate and integrate each device, except fire devices, allowing us to take over your existing equipment.
  • Touch Screen with Full Voice Response – Our easy-to-use color touch screen and a voice response notifying you of system status makes your security easy to control for just about any user.
  • Severe Weather Alerts – Tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service will cause an audible alert on your keypad requiring you to turn it off manually and will warn you of severe weather in your area.
  • Tamper Proof – Our Crash and Smash technology ensures that even if someone destroys the Go-Hawk panel, we still receive notification at our Secure Operations Center and will dispatch emergency authorities.

Optional Add-on Features

  • Full Automation – Imagine pressing one button on a key fob and starting a symphony of events:  Your security system arms itself, your smartcode deadbolt locks your door, all your lights turn off, and your thermostat sets itself at a pre-determined temperature, which allows you to take control of energy consumption and reduce your energy bills.
  • Remote Video - With Hawk-eye interactive video, in the event of an alarm, you will receive a video clip of anyone in view of your camera.  View live video and set up motion activated schedules, so you will receive a clip of anyone accessing sensitive areas, all sent to your web-enabled cell phone or e-mail.
  • Fire Safety – Whenever your monitored fire system is activated, your HVAC system is shut down to prevent continued circulation of deadly smoke and gas through your air vents.